About Us

Founders of Ghost Racks Shane Atkins and Darren Barnes share a passion that bought them together as best mates. Their passion is surfing.

Little did they know that their passion would also bring them together in business too – albeit by accident. A couple of years ago, Shane purchased his first vintage surfboard. It was a 1980’s Mark Richards twin fin with an amazing spray which he wanted to display on his living room wall.

However, Shane soon realised he had a problem. He couldn’t find any suitable surfboard racks… well, none that were aesthetically pleasing. Most of the racks on the market were made from obtrusive timber, steel or aluminium that were big and bulky which took away from the physical attractiveness of his board.

In Shane’s own words: “I couldn’t find anything that would give my MR board the justice it deserves when on display“.

Enter Darren – a qualified Plastic Fabricator. After much discussion and many prototypes Darren and Shane created the perfect solution of secure, seamless and precise design of racks that are almost invisible!

Their outstanding design and workmanship gave Shane’s vintage MR surfboard pride of place in his living room that even his girlfriend loved the look of.

“Ghost Racks” was born. Proud of what the duo had created, they took some snap shots and shared them with family, friends and on social media. Over the following months, Shane received SMS and phone calls from people around the world, curious to know how his board (as if it was floating) was mounted on the wall.

"We realised that other surfboard collectors, surfers of all ages, surfboard artists and interior designers faced the same challenge" Darren recalls.

Darren and Shane then began designing floor and wall racks for a wide range of boards, from short performance boards to old style mals and custom racks for boards that are outside the realm.

While the Ghost Racks team are committed to growing their clientele, they also give back to the surfing community. They do this by donating to the non-profit humanitarian organisation SurfAid - who improve the health, wellbeing and independence of people living in isolated regions connected to us through surfing.